Daily schedule

Barn målade med ansiktsmålning

In addition to the exciting races there are loads of fun things to do when at the WCH. At the venue and at the city festival there will be plenty of entertaining activities and things to do during your visit and there will be lots of awesome events to attend – suitable for all ages.
We have collected all the events in one page to make sure that you do not miss out on all the fun.
Welcome to the biggest biathlon party of the year!

Daily activites
Only a short bit from the stands you find Grillsvängen, a track area perfect for the kids. You will get close to the athletes and while hearing the echo from the shooting range you can follow the shooting from the big screen. For the kids there will be plenty of activities here and when you get hungry there’s several warm food options to chose from.In this nice area you can fly between the trees on a mini-zipline, identify different animals living in Jämtland and pair them with food, paw prints and stools at the “jämtlands wild”, challenge your brain and yourself when putting the pieces of our giant puzzle into a square or challenge another biathlon-enthusiast or family member in an exciting game of giant chess.

Sponsor village
At the sponsor village and when walking around the venue you will most likely come across our sponsors who are arranging a lot of fun activities during the race days. At the sponsor village you can, among a lot of other things, try on biathlon and other fun biathlon-related activities together with Fristads and BMW, test your luck in ATG’s gaming store behind the stands or explore the different arena areas through Stanley’s surveillance cameras.

At the village you might also take the opportunity to test drive a BMW around Östersund for one hour. If you are one of our younger visitors you might instead borrow skis and go for a ski tour at the Bauhaus ski trails. At this area you can also just chill at the SJ bistro truck, at the Yamaha Center snowmobile showroom and check out the latest snowmobiles and just have a chat with the pros or slip into Swedemount’s clothing store to check out stylish top quality clothing for the whole family.

If you are curious about the national team collection you might visit Volvo Trucks truck where the collection will be available for display. There is also a possibility – for the fearless – to check out the audience area from above on the roof of a Volvo trailer.

Got technical issues? No worries. There will be technicians from Telia strolling around the venue ready to identify and help solve all kind of technical problems.

Sunday 17th of march
Opening hours:
09:15am – 19:30pm Arena

11:15am – 18:30pm WCR Lounge

Race arena:
12:45pm – 13:15pm and 15:30pm – 16:00pm Magnus Schönberg

12:00am – 13:00pm and 14:45pm – 15:45pm Selbu Toradergruppe

13:00pm and 15:45pm Friskis & Svettis

During the opening hours there will be plenty of activities at the venue in our sponsor-village. The sponsors offer activities such as: the opportunity to borrow ski equipment and go skiing and a lot of other fun activities for children, test driving of BMW, opportunity to try biathlon and a lot more.

At “Grillsvängen” there will be several of activities for the kids such as a Mini-Zipline, different board games in size LARGE and areas created for the families looking for a good time together at the venue.

13:15pm Mass Start Women

14:05pm Medal ceremony, the arena

16:00pm Mass Start Men

16:50pm Medal ceremony, the arena

17:00pm Closing Ceremony, the arena

Public tent:
14:15pm Mickeys biathlon party show

17:15pm DJ NiMO

City festival:
Time flies when you’re having fun! This is the last day of the city festival and of course there will be a lot of activities going on at the main square. Read more at https://visitostersund.se/en/