Charity Single Mixed Relay of Champs

Watch the Charity Single Mixed Relay of Champs

Magdalena Forsberg, Sven Fischer and Anna-Carin Zidek have a lot of things in common. They are all former biathlete world champions, they’re all in Östersund  during the WCH and on thursday they will be participating in a charity single mixed relay of champs at the venue.

Along with six other former biathletes from all over the world they will be making up in a single- mix relay. The teams will consist of one biathlete and one WCH sponsor or partner.

Where: Swedish National Biathlon Arena

When: Thursday 14/3 approximately 18:15CET
Startlist & results: – click here –

The purpose of the charity race is to fund-raise money for the charity organization We don’t have time. We don’t have time is an organisation working with the aim to increase the community involvement in sustainability and climate change. They want the communities and the politicians to open their eyes before it is too late.

That is also a subject that the biathlon WCH 2019-organisation has been putting a lot of focus on. Their ambition has been to arrange the WCH as socially, economically and climate sustainable as possible.

The competition will begin at 18.15CET or as soon as the “real” WCH races are finished.

Tord Wiksten, Liv Grete Skjelbreid, Uschi Disl, Mattias Simmen and David Nyc, to name a few famous names, will be joining the race as well. These guys along with representatives from Viessmann, SJ, SCA, Telia, IFS World, BMW Sweden, Jämtkraft, Grankvistarn and the WCH region will be trying to raise as much money as possible.

First off the stars of today will be making up in the single mixed relay and right after that the former stars will get started with almost the same premises. There will be a few differences.

The tracks are only going to be 700m and passes the first hill and then returns to the race arena. At the shooting range it’s going to be extra tense since every hit will result in money to the charity fundraising.

The rifle that they’re using will be laying at the range mat during the whole race which is something new for the former biathletes that are used to at least try out the rifle before the race.

The sponsor representatives are only allowed to lay down when shooting while the former biathletes might choose between standing up or laying down as they prefer. One thing that this race has in common with an ordinary single mix relay is that there will be a new shooter at every lap and the winner is the one to first cross the finish line.

A medal ceremony where the collected amount of money is going to be presented to We don’t have ti will be held as soon as the race has completed En prisutdelning kommer att hållas så fort tävlingen är klar. Där kommer den insamlande summan att lämnas över till organisationen We dont have time.