Bosse Jonsson Stadionchef

Meet stadium manager Bosse Jonsson

With experience and routine, Bosse pulls all strings that regard the stadium. He is responsible for the physical construction of the Biathlon WCH and we met up with him to get an insight into his daily work.

What do you do as stadium manager in the WCH-organisation?

I am responsible for the build-up of the whole area around the stadium. This involves everything from the arena, the competition area and the spectator stands to electricity, cleaning, media and service. More exactly, I am the coordinator of all building activities which also include contracts and time scheduling.

What is the most fun part with being the stadium manager for the championships?

The most fun part is the challenge of making everything work. It is almost like building a pyramide, where all pieces have to fall into place and then you can just stand there and look at it and be proud of what you have achieved. And it is of course also fun with the greatness of the event with competitions, visitors and media attention.

What is the biggest challenge with being the stadium manager?

The main challenge is to fulfill and coordinate all different interests and needs to make everyone satisfied and happy. There are many different interests to take into account and these are always changing. Both suppliers and operators have requests and it is my job to make sure that these are being met.

You were part of the organization 2008 as well, what did you do then?

I had the same role as now. Although I have the same task, a lot of things have changed in 11 years and I cannot rely completely on routine. There are higher requirements today from media for example, as well as we are working harder towards a sustainable event.  

What is your best memory from 2008?

I have two very special memories from our last WCH. The first one is when TV zoomed me in on the first day of competition when I was sitting in a chair by the race track with a thermos in one hand and a sandwich in the other. My goal is that every construction project I commit to should be enough planned so that I can lean back in a chair on the first day. My second memory is the moment when the last spectator left the stadium after the last flower ceremony on the last day of competitions and I stood alone on the grandstand when the lights went off and I thought, “That went pretty good!”

It is less than 75 days left to the WCH, in what condition is the stadium right now? How far have you come?

We are working hard and have started all basic jobs. We have completed all ground work that had to be done before the cold arrived and we have put up the tents that require most work. The planning is done by 80%. I would have wished that we were further ahead but we are where we are because of external factors that we cannot control as we are still waiting for a final answer about media’s needs and sponsor’s activation. But the WCH will absolutely happen, everything will be great! I am not worried at all.