Jeanette Kråik, Laila Wilks & Elisabeth Kråik

Sami artisans design for the World Championships – the Biathlon World Championships gets a Sami touch

Elisabeth Kråik, Jeanette Kråik and Laila Wilks are Sami artisans, based in Härjedalen. They are launching their World Championships collection, Staare 2019, which builds upon tradition, patterns and skiing.

The collection that has been produced is called Staare 2019, where staaremeans city and is the Sami name for Östersund. It has three motifs: Reindeer, Skier and Belt.

The Sami people have always been skiers, and we have also always been hunters. Skiing and shooting at a target forms a natural link between the hunting Sami and biathletes, says Elisabeth Kråik.

Reindeer are the foundation of our culture, everything is based upon reindeer. They are hugely important, so this was an obvious design to work with, says Jeanette Kråik

– We also wanted to show our traditional dress and especially the Sami colours. The pattern on the belt is so lovely that we chose to design a separate belt using a pattern, says Elisabeth Kråik.

Östersund has the only Biathlon World Cup to be located in Sapmi, the region traditionally inhabited by the Sami people. This is one reason why it was natural to bring Sami elements into the event.

We are proud of being in Sapmi and we know that many of our guests are interested in the Sami culture and its traditions. We decided to ask Sami people if they wanted to be part of the event, and launching a collection together adds weight to our cooperation, says Lisa Engman, marketing manager for the Biathlon World Championships.

The three motifs in the collection have been printed on tops and hats in the Sami colours of red, green, yellow and blue. These can be bought both in Östersund and in advance via the web.

– It’s fantastic that the Sami can be part of this event, highlighting our culture at the Biathlon World Championships. It’s wonderful, says Elisabeth Kråik.


You find the whole collection in our Fan Shop; Biathlonshop

Photo & movie: Henrik Hedman