Magnus Schönberg

From Swedish Idol to the WCH-song

The official song for the IBU World Championships Biathlon 2019 For the Love of the Game mirrors the values and feelings of biathlon. The opponents on the starting line, but still friendship, happiness and love before and after the competitions. Former Swedish Idol-participant Magnus Schönberg did not hesitate when asked to take on the WCH-song.

– It was not an option to say no to this. I am a huge patriot and it is big for Östersund and big for Sweden with a World Championships at home. To be a part of this project is more an honour for me than a job. When I first heard the song, it felt completely right. A few sport references but still good enough to stay alive even after the World Championships.

Magnus Schönberg wanted to become a soccer pro as a kid but at college, the music started to take more and more time. The first year of Swedish Idol, he auditioned but did not advance. The season of 2017 he tried again and ended up on the 9th place.

– I know I would not win, but my goal was to be myself and to develop as much as possible musically, says Magnus Schönberg.

For Magnus, music is a team sport. Several of his songs have been written together with others. For the Love of the Game is written by Tobbe Forsberg and Per Wiklander and produced by Björn Höglund. Magnus has put his touch to it and made it his own.

In 2008, the IBU World Championships Biathlon was held in Östersund and Magnus Schönberg was there.

– It was freezing cold outside but you got warm anyway. The sport is cool to watch live. You can follow everything up-close and scream when they hit the shots and you hear the Norwegian bells. The atmosphere at the stands is very fun and a no one should miss a World Championships at home, says Magnus Schönberg.

The song is now available on Spotify