Renewable energy will heat and light up the IBU World Championships Biathlon in Östersund 2019

District heating heat up the Aprés Ski-tent and electricity from renewable energy light up Östersund ski stadium, for both fans and athletes. Jämtkraft is sponsoring the championships with energy from forest, wind, water and sun. 

– The region of Jämtland Härjedalen work hard to get more international and national events to the area as well as to make the region and Sweden fossil free. Our core business, renewable energy, is crucial to succeed with both sustainable events and a fossil free society, says Erik Brandsma, CEO at Jämtkraft.

Sponsorship and social development 

Jämtkraft is sponsoring the championships and Biathlon Events with renewable electricity and energy. Jämtkraft is also a partner of the World Championships Region 2019 that develop both the Alpine WCH in Åre and the Biathlon WCH in Östersund. The goal with the collaboration within the WCH-region is to develop events, competence and experience for future events in the region.

– The IBU World Championships Biathlon in Östersund is unique! A championships of world class in our city that will bring joy and the possibility for people to meet but which also encourage regional development that can be valuable for the business world. Jämtkraft has the ambition to create social development and entrepreneurship in order to help make Jämtland Härjedalen a good region to live and work in. To sponsor the championships in Biathlon is one of way of doing it, says Erik Brandsma.

The championships in Biathlon show the way

A sport event like the WCH in Biathlon is energy intensive by means of heating, sound and light that cover big areas. The fact that the energy supply is derived from 100% renewable energy resource makes the WCH in Östersund a role model for events.

– I hope that we will be a pioneer when it comes to sustainable events. We show that we really take the environmental aspect seriously. The collaboration with Jämtkraft is a key factor in order to offer a sustainable championship, says Patrik Jemteborn, President OC.

The IBU World Championships Biathlon in Östersund takes place 7-17 of March 2019. It is the second time Östersund arrange a world championships in Biathlon, last time was ten years ago, in 2008.