Tävlingssekreterare Marianne Tharaldsson

Meet competition secretary Marianne Tharaldsson

She is the first and last person you meet if you’re one of the visiting nations. She knows a little about everything and can help just about anyone with anything. We met up with competition secretary Marianne Tharladsson to learn more about her role in the World Championships organization.

What do you do in your role as competition secretary in the World Championships organization?

Together with my team my role is to make sure we follow the competition rules. We make sure that sign up forms and results look and work as they should and that the right person sign at the right place. So it’s very much running a reception. We are the first to greet our guests, we help them get around and get the information they need. Then we wave them goodbye when they leave, so we’re the first and the last persons they meet.

You could say that we are like the bottoms of a cake. If we have prepared well nobody will notice us, but if we don’t do what we’re supposed to it will show.

It’s about 270 days left, how much of your preparations for the World Championships have already started?

It’s quite a bit of administrative work that already have started. For example we started working during the last World Cup with getting the teams to start their preparations, book accommodation and such. We will also need to get the invitation ready as well as keeping a close dialog with the other nations regarding everything from wax truck to transportation on site. In much of this work I mostly act like a middle man making sure the right people get the right information and in touch with each other if needed.

What do like most with working as competition secretary?

I like being a part of the bigger picture and getting a glance of all the work areas that the World Championship have. These events are amazing, especially if you’re interested in more than just your part. To be part of both volunteers, IBUs and the competing nations experience – to be part when the whole world visit Östersund – that’s really something special. One minute I can email with Canada and the next someone in Korea, it’s constantly moving and there’s never two days that are the same which I really like.

You where part of the organization 2008 as well, what did you do then?

I was responsible for accommodation and accreditation. Today I don’t understand how I managed but both part turned out good. With great people around you everything always works out, but it will be nice to only have to focus on one part this time.

What’s your best memory from 2008?

That must be the opening ceremony. I was shocked of how much people it was, I don’t think any of us had expected that.

What do you look the most forward to this time around?

To be prepared. This time we know what we’re getting ourselves into. It will be a blast to welcome both visitors and the whole biathlon circus, it will be great!

Why shouldn’t anyone miss the World Championships in Östersund next year?

We’re inviting everyone to the party of the year with the best biathletes in the world. It will be an amazing thrill! So besides the big surrounding party it will actually be great competitions as well.

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