Tickets will be released March 7th 2018

Take part of the nail-biting drama on the shooting range from the stands or get a pole-thrust away from the biathletes and enjoy the atmosphere in our track areas. No matter where you decide to take part of the competitions we ensure you a great experience.

Click on the map to see our different ticket sections as well as price for the different sections.

Biljettpriser områden

Tickets will be released March 7th 2018. But it can be good to ensure your accommodation before, for more information about accommodation email vmlogi@visitostersund.se

Ticket terms and conditions

Tickets may not be returned or refunded once purchased. Lost tickets will not be replaced. If the date of an event is moved, the ticket is instead valid on the new date of the event. If an event is cancelled due to reasons over which the organiser has no control (Force Majeure), the ticket will not be replaced or refunded.